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Yale researchers add “reduction of hearing loss” to the many benefits of NAC supplements

The average human body contains approximately 30 trillion cells. These cells are like miniature living organisms; their inner parts carry out vital functions that determine the cell’s destiny. If the cell is overwhelmed by reactive oxygen species, then it may weaken and experience apoptosis.

Beyond the cell membrane or skin of the cell is a gel-like substance called cytoplasm. Inside the cytoplasm is a brain, or nucleus. One of the most important parts inside the cytoplasm is an energy production center called the mitochondria. The mitochondria produce ATP energy, the fuel for all of life’s activities.

The goal of every person should be to maximize the efficiency and performance of their mitochondria. Natural antioxidants feed the mitochondria exactly what it needs and protect it for efficient ATP energy production. NAC supplements play a large role in maximizing mitochondrial energy production. NAC stands for N-acetyl-cysteine. It’s a strong antioxidant that protects cells from reactive oxygen species that are the result of inefficient and diseased mitochondria.

Researchers repair hearing using NAC supplements

Yale researchers observed a new benefit of NAC supplements. N-acetyl-cysteine improves the function of cells in the cochlea, reducing hearing loss. The cochlear cells lie in the inner ear structures and are responsible for converting sound waves to neural messages within the brain. Scientists Alla Ivanova and Joseph Santos-Sacchi led the research by developing a mouse model that corresponds with similar structures in human ears. They found that hearing loss was initiated after the mitochondria of the cochlear cells lose a small protein called Fus1. Reactive oxygen species, coming from malnourished and inefficient mitochondria, ultimately break down crucial proteins in the cochlear cells.

Now knowing the mechanism of the breakdown, the researchers applied NAC supplementation to the diseased mitochondria. The powerful antioxidant was able to neutralize the harmful reactive oxygen species, protect the breakdown of Fus1 protein, and therefore prevent hearing loss. (RELATED: For more information on preventative health care, visit Prevention.News)

NAC supplements are therapeutic for addictive behaviors, bipolar, and compulsive behaviors

Studies show that NAC supplements improve cellular functions in the brain as well. As a precursor to amino acid cysteine, NAC supplements help the body produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage to cells. According to Ohio researchers Randy and Lori Sansone, cysteine can modulate the reward-reinforcement pathway of neural cells to calm psychiatric conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, compulsive and impulsive behaviors. NAC supplements could be provided as a cheap, non-invasive therapy for psychiatric conditions. Oxidative stress and inflammation causes reduced neuronal growth proteins and increases apoptosis, which can lead to mood disorders. An NAC supplement could help the neuron cells regenerate by restoring the efficiency of the mitochondria of the brain cells.

NAC supplements already come in handy in hospitals as an antidote for Tylenol poisoning. They also protect people from the flu. In one study, seniors taking NAC supplements didn’t get the flu even when their blood tests came back positive for the flu virus. NAC supplements can help women with polycystic ovary syndrome, too. In one study, women taking NAC supplements improved regular monthly ovulation cycles, leading to better fertility outcomes. Research also shows that NAC improves breathing for people who struggle with pulmonary fibrosis or COPD.

Many health problems come down to problems with the cells and ATP energy production of the mitochondria. Increasing cysteine and glutathione production within the body is a powerful therapy for self-healing. Now the science shows that a simple NAC supplement could prevent hearing loss. Follow more news about the scientific benefits of nutritional supplements at


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