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As California fires rage, this device clears toxic smoke in any room in seconds, removing hazardous chemicals from the air

As wildfires continue to rage in California, toxic smoke is filling homes, apartments and businesses with airborne carcinogens that promote cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems like asthma. According to the UK Daily Mail, 1.6 million people have now been exposed to dangerous levels of smoke, adding that exposure “could be lethal for some,” and saying:

The fine particles of burned materials in smoke embed themselves into our lungs, causing burning and irritation in the short term, but exposure to fire smoke is insidious, and has been linked to serious diseases and even premature death. Poor quality air from fire smoke can aggravate heart, lung, and inflammatory diseases, causing acute symptoms and hospitalizations.

This device clears smoke (and chemicals) from rooms in mere seconds

A few months ago, I met the inventor of a revolutionary air treatment device called the “Air Doctor.” It clears toxic smoke from rooms in just seconds. It’s so effective that its inventor, Peter Spiegel, demonstrated the astonishing swiftness of its air purification capabilities by zipping himself inside a smoke-filled portable greenhouse while holding his breath. He turns on the machine and in seconds, the air is cleared and safe enough to breathe.

The inventor grants special permission for Natural News to share in the product launch

After he made this video, I spoke with Peter about the California fires and the worsening smoke problem across Las Angeles. He’s a very savvy inventor as well as a humanitarian who cares deeply about his fellow human beings. After some discussion about the severity of the air pollution problem in California’s cities — not just from the fires, but even from city life — Spiegel agreed to slash the introductory price of his Air Doctor Pro units by 50% for Natural News readers.

These units have been selling for $599 at select retail outlets across America. They remove 99.99% of particles down to 0.003 microns, which is smaller than nearly all smoke particles. They also remove VOCs, formaldehyde, bacteria, mold spores, fungi and much more. While supplies last, the Air Doctor is just $299 for Natural News readers. It can be ordered at this link, and over 1,000 units are in stock right now and ready to ship from the West Coast.

Vastly superior to ordinary HEPA filters

The Air Doctor is tested to be “100 times more effective” than ordinary HEPA filters. See how it works in this short video:

This is an advanced air purifier. It’s quiet, highly effective and it even contains its own air quality monitor that alerts you when the filter needs changing (no more guesswork).

Whether you’re concerned about smoke in California or indoor air quality anywhere in the world, the Air Doctor solves that problem rather brilliantly. At half the normal retail price for Natural News readers, it’s almost a steal (only good while the introductory launch inventory lasts).

Note: For those along the West Coast, these units will definitely arrive before Christmas if you order by 12/15. For other areas, they may not arrive before Christmas, so please plan accordingly.

Take advantage of the Air Doctor special deal for NN readers at this link.

Disclaimer: Yes, NN receives a small portion of each purchase as affiliate compensation. We are extremely meticulous about choosing third party products to recommend, and the Air Doctor is one of the best we’ve seen. Thank you for supporting our mission while protecting your health at the same time.



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