Important acupressure points for optimum kidney health

Your kidneys play an important role in the elimination of toxins from your body. If you eat an unhealthy diet or if you are regularly exposed to pollution, these harmful toxins can accumulate in your body and overload your kidneys. This can lead to kidney damage, kidney disease, or even chronic kidney failure. You can ease the burden of your kidneys by stimulating key acupressure points that can aid in the removal of toxins and initiate the recovery process.

An unhealthy buildup of toxins in the body can leave you feeling fatigued on a regular basis. It may make it difficult for you to lose weight. You may even suffer symptoms such as kidney pain or incontinence. To alleviate this health problem, many people turn to a number of solutions to detoxify their bodies. These solutions often take the form of juice cleanses or a diet of certain detox foods. While these may be effective solutions, you can supplement these treatments with acupressure to maximize the efficiency of your detox.

Acupressure is the ancient healing method of applying pressure to key healing points in the body that can stimulate the flow of qi or “healing energy” throughout your vital organs. According to Chinese medicine theory, incontinence is considered to be a disruption of qi. This can be resolved by sorting out the problems of the energy in your kidneys. Acupressure can be used to help regulate the energy in your kidneys to improve their functions and make them more effective in eliminating toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. (Related: The best acupressure points for total body detoxification.)

Useful acupressure points for supporting optimal kidney health

You can help flush out those unwanted toxins and achieve optimal kidney health by stimulating key acupressure points. Before applying pressure, you should first get your blood and oxygen flowing by taking a few deep breaths. Raise your hands over your head while standing up. Stretch backwards as you inhale and lean forwards as you exhale with your arms lowered to the floor. You can then apply pressure to these acupressure points for three to 10 seconds at a time, unless stated otherwise.

  • Kidney 3. You can locate this point at the high point of your inner ankle bone and a little towards your Achilles tendon. Stimulating this point can improve the qi in your kidney to alleviate frequent bouts of urination and constipation.
  • Kidney 4. Your Kidney 4 point can be found at the front edge of your Achilles tendon and directly below your Kidney 3 point. You can stimulate this point to calm down any uneasy feelings you may have relating to the Kidney Organ System.
  • Kidney 6. Place your finger just below your inner ankle bone and flex your foot. You should feel two tendons moving. The spot right between these tendons is your Kidney 6 point. Stimulating this point can help treat kidney disease.
  • Inner Gate. Find the Inner Gate on the palm side of your hand, just three finger widths above the crease of your wrist. You can stimulate this point on both of your arms to improve blood circulation, which can aid in detoxification.
  • Liver Median. One of the most beneficial acupressure points for promoting kidney detoxification is the Liver Median point. You can find this spot by running your index finger along the fleshy webbing in between your big toe and the next toe. Once you’ve found the spot where where the tendons of both toes meet, then you can then apply pressure to this point for around a minute or two. Stimulating your Liver Median point can promote blood circulation, and help filter, detox and nourish your body.

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