Review: Galangal essential oil exhibits antimicrobial and nutraceutical properties

In this paper, researchers from the Council of Scientific Research-North East Institute of Science and Technology in India investigated the highly valued medicinal plant Kaempferia galanga, also known as aromatic ginger or galangal. Their review, which was published in the Journal of Essential Oil Research, presented up-to-date information regarding the chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil of K. galanga.

  • K. galanga belongs to the family Zingiberaceae (ginger family) and is one of the most industrially important medicinal plants.
  • K. galanga contains a high-value essential oil of medicinal and industrial importance.
  • In India, the essential oil of K. galanga has huge market potential.
  • The essential oil of K. galanga contains ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, 1,8-cineole, borneol, camphene, linoleoyl, methyl-cinnamate, and pentadecane.
  • These chemical components have antimicrobial and nutraceutical properties.
  • This review offers a new perspective on the research on biochemical and molecular characterization of elite chemical components.

The researchers believe that the chemical composition and biological activity of K. galanga essential oil are worth studying because of the pharmacological applications and commercial utility of the active components of K. galanga.

Journal Reference:

Munda S, Saikia P, Lal M. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND BIOLOGICAL ACTIVITY OF ESSENTIAL OIL OF KAEMPFERIA GALANGA: A REVIEW. Journal of Essential Oil Research. 25 June 2018;30(5):303–308. DOI: 10.1080/10412905.2018.1486240

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